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Mental Health and College Students

Posted by Tianna Durbin on August 10, 2022

Mental health issues are on the rise on college campuses across the country. Living in a new environment outside the familiarity of home can create overwhelming and stressful circumstances. Click here to learn more from Mental Health America.

More resources related to college kids and mental health:

Nami Resource: https://collegeguide.nami.org/

Also, this link is helpful if you want to be able to help your 18 + year old in case of emergency - Mama Bear Legal forms is a good resource and reasonably priced (although you can probably find the forms on-line elsewhere and do it for free )- and the Mama bear site explains it all....https://mamabearlegalforms.com/youngadult

If you can have a calm discussion with your young adult about how you want to be able to assist if anything happens to them while they are away - then I recommend doing the Health Care Power of attorney and HIPAA forms before they leave for college/elsewhere....the power of attorney needs to be notarized.   

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