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"Let the little children come to Me . . . for of such is the kingdom of God."
~Luke 18:16

Our Mission

The mission of Arcola Christian Preschool is to provide a loving Christian environment where each child's spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs are met.

Our Philosophy

We believe that what is best for the child should come first in every decision that we make. Our decisions in this "child-centered" preschool are based on age- and developmentally-appropriate understandings.

We believe that all children can learn and that this learning should use the child's natural gift of language. Therefore, we will help the child learn about his/her world through many and varied learning experiences that are both play- and language-based. These learning experiences will enrich the child's world in the areas of oral and written language; science; math; and social studies.

Questions? Contact Barbara Ladany @ 703-327-7878 x 222 or

Tuition Payments

10 GREAT reasons to choose Arcola Christian Preschool for your child . . .

1. Your child's safety and security is very important to us.
2. Children are immersed in a positive Christian environment where they learn about God's love.
3. All age groups will have the opportunity to attend story time with our Pastor.
4. Teachers understand child development and plan age- and developmentally-appropriate lessons that enhance social, emotional, intellectual, large motor, small motor, and language development.
5. Your child will learn in small groups with a 2:10-14 ratio.
6. Your child will use his/her language as a natural learning tool.
7. We understand that parents are partners who play a vital role in the education of their children.
8. Teachers use many resources as they immerse children in a large variety of learning experiences.
9. There is a carline to make drop-off and pick-up easier.
10. Children are loved!

Here's what parents say about Arcola Christian Preschool:

"We have been so happy with ACP and we are very sad to say good-bye as Brandon enters kindergarten. So much of what he has learned in the past 2 years is because of the wonderful experience that he had at Arcola." -Michelle C.

"I have been so happy with the staff. They are wonderful, caring individuals. I could not ask for better people to care for my children. I love, love this school. This is the 3rd year we've attended. My child comes home so excited and raves about her teachers. She uses examples (educational and practical) all the time of what her teacher said or did. She has grown both socially and intellectually. Thank you Arcola Preschool. I recommend the school to all my fellow moms." -Kathleen B.

"Both Reece and Caroline love ACP. God's love is evident at ACP and it shows in their smiling faces when they come. Thank you for being such an important part of their growing faith." -Christine C.

"We have been so pleased with Jack's progress since starting ACP in November. Thank you for all of your hard work and care! Looking forward to next year!!" -Melissa A.

"There is a wonderful emphasis placed on the children - not only expressing themselves, but feeling cared for and, in turn, caring for their friends and teachers. We have had a wonderful experience here." -Anne B.

"Love how teachers incorporate sensory learning in the classroom. Emmy gets up on Tuesday and Thursday and says 'I'm excited to go to school.' This has been a great first exposure to school for Emmy. I love that she loves school. I know a big part of her positive attitude is due to the environment and her teachers. Thank you!" -Heather A.

"Great job trying to challenge my son with new, harder things! Not knowing what to expect for my son's first year of preschool, I couldn't be more pleased. The staff is fantastic. My son has learned so much & doesn't even realize it because he's having so much fun. He looks forward to going to school." -Becky S.

"Arcola Christian Preschool has been a valuable experience for our daughter. She looks forward to it every school day. It has been a blessing to us in so many ways! We know she is in good hands at Arcola." -Matthew D.

"We truly have been blessed by finding this preschool. Our daughter just adores her teachers and feels so comfortable in the facility. The whole staff always take such good care of her. We will definitely be sending our other children there as they come of age. Many thanks for teaching and loving my daughter, we really appreciate it." -Marion and Kevin M.

Arcola Christian Preschool Staff

The Arcola Christian Preschool staff come from a variety of backgrounds. All of our teachers have at least a four year college degree - most in elementary or early childhood education or a related field. Some of our teachers came to teaching as a second career, but have taught preschool for a number of years. Our teaching assistants all have previous experience working with children. We provide onsite training for the staff at the beginning of the school year and have a wonderful support system of education professionals within our church. Our staff members work as a team to plan and implement the curriculum throughout the school year.

Employment Opportunities

The staff of Arcola Christian preschool enjoys sharing their love of God with the precious children who attend our preschool. We work together as a team to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our students while teaching them about God's love. If you are interested in joining our team, click on the appropriate information below.

E-mail with questions.

Teacher Job Description
Teacher Assistant Job Description
Employment Application

2023-2024 Student Information

Email for current class availability. We still have openings for all age groups.

ACP Student Calendar 2023-24
ACP Parent Handbook 2023-24

Class Schedule  - All classes meet from 9:30 am – 12:15 pm

2 ½ year olds (must be 2 by March 31, 2023) - 2-day options
3 year olds (must be 3 by September 30, 2023) - 2 or 3 day options
4/5 year olds (must be 4 by September 30, 2023) - 3, 4, or 5 day options

Fee Schedule

A REGISTRATION FEE of $140.00 must accompany each registration form.  The registration fee is non-refundable if your child is offered placement in our program.

TUITION for the 2023-2024 school year at Arcola Christian Preschool is listed below.  Tuition is to be paid in nine equal installments.  The first tuition payment is due May 1, 2023. This is a deposit and will be credited as the May 2024 payment.  The remainder of the payments are to be made by the first of each month, August through March, and are applied to the following month’s fees.

To ensure we receive timely payments, we ask that all families make their tuition payments through our online payment page using an electronic fund transfer or use bill pay through your bank allowing at least 7 days for processing and delivery. If this presents a problem for your family, please talk with our Director.

Monthly Tuition – 9 equal installments:                                            

Two-day classes - $260.00                 Three-day classes - $320.00                   Four-day class - $390.00                   Five-day class - $470.00

School Closure Policy

We will generally follow the LCPS for weather related and other unscheduled closings; however, parents should be aware that due to organizational and operational differences, Arcola Christian Preschool reserves the right to act independently of LCPS in making operational decisions.

It is your responsibility to know when the Loudoun County Public Schools will be closed.

Announcements of school closings are communicated via television on most news channels or on radio stations like WTOP at AM 1500/ FM 103.5.  You can sign-up for e-mail and/or cell phone notification through Alert Loudoun at  You can also get the LCPS app for your phone that will send you alerts.  We do not make up cancelled days. 

If Arcola Christian Preschool makes a different decision, we will send an email to all families and leave a message on our outgoing voice mail.

Late Openings and Early Closings

If Loudoun County Public Schools open one or two hours late, Arcola Christian Preschool will begin one hour late and will dismiss at the regular time.  Early closings DO NOT affect our dismissal time.


Newsletters & Resources

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Registration Information 2024-2025

Openings available for all age levels.

Click here for details

Email our director at with questions.