Dates with a Purpose for September

How does your partner help you? How does he/she make you a better person?

by Molly Riedel on September 13, 2021

Theme:  How does your partner make you a better person?  

Hopefully we will be able to hold DWAP in person soon.  Until that time, we wanted to give you some questions to think about and to discuss with your partner.  This exercise is only meant to deepen your relationship not cause conflict.  So if conflict arises, just put this aside and do something fun. 

Let us know what you think of these questions and share any other questions that might help other couples. 

  1. Has your partner ever made you re-evaluate the way you would handle a situation? Whether that has to do w/ raising kids, managing finances, dealing w/ family members, etc. Share w/ your partner a time they made you deal w/ things in a different way that you found to be more efficient and/or effective. 
  1. Share w/ your partner a quality about him/her that you truly admire. What makes this quality in your partner so admirable? Provide him/her w/ specific examples of when you’ve seen them display this quality. 
  1. If men and women in general have different personality traits, what are the ways in which you and your partner can maintain your own individual identity, while at the same time be supportive, “team players” within your marriage/ relationship? 
  1. Share w/ your partner your idea of your ideal “comfort zone.” Where does your partner fit in to this zone? Where does God fit in to this zone? 
  1. What were the gender roles within the house you grew up in as a child? What are the similarities and differences between that household and your current one? What did you learn about gender roles and handling different personality traits from your parental figures? What has carried over in to your current marriage/ relationship? Where does God fit in?

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