Arcola Church Presents Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time...

by Rev. Tianna Durbin, Deb Porter on April 21, 2024
We are excited to bring Disney's Beauty and The Beast to the Arcola stage!
Four Performance Dates
Reserved seating available for all shows!
  • Friday, April 19th: 7pm
  • Saturday, April 20th: 2pm and 7pm
  • Sunday, April 21st: 2pm
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Meet the Cast

Cecil Porter, Cogsworth

Cecil is honored to be a part of the incredibly talented cast and crew, and delighted to play a tiny clock frantically racing around, constantly fretting over the ticking of time, while also trying to keep up with the whimsical antics of his enchanted friends. This production marks his third time on stage at Arcola, having first appeared as “Peter” in Two Faces in the Shadows and then as “Franz” in The Sound of Music. Cecil is a member of the Grace Note Ringers handbell choir and occasionally serves as worship assistant during church services. Cecil would like to thank his family and friends for their support and for coming to see the show!

Cecil says, "The two best benefits of being a part of this amazing musical are that I get to work with my wife, Deb, as the director, and to act onstage with my daughter, Emilyn. I’m inspired by Deb’s passion and talent for directing and her creative abilities to bring this production to life alongside an incredibly talented cast and crew. I have learned a ton about what it takes to put on a show of this size.

For me, playing “Cogsworth” has been a rewarding experience as it has propelled me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to embrace new experiences like singing on stage for the first time. Plus, the collaborative nature of the production has fostered deeper connections with my fellow cast members, strengthening our friendships beyond the stage. I look forward to entertaining the audience with this antics of this quirky character."

Don Harris, Maurice (and Stage Design Team Lead!)

Don has enjoyed working in a variety of community and college theaters, including the Baltimore Harbor Shakespeare Festival many years ago. He enjoys both the technical and performance aspects and is happy to return to the stage for this production. His theater credits include roles such as Dracula (Dracula), Proteus (Two Gentlemen of Verona), and Bill Sykes (Oliver!). Don works as a director in client experience for MissionSquare Retirement and enjoys traveling with his wife Jennifer, singing in the Arcola choir, and playing with his grandson.

About the show, Don says, "This has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve appreciated the chance to be a part of it. The opportunity to work with and get to know such a talented group of cast and crew members has been a real joy. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all the talented individuals who jumped in to help with every aspect of the set production. It's been more than 40 years since my last theatrical endeavor, and everyone has been so welcoming (and patient) throughout the entire process. It’s a beautiful story, with beautiful music and fabulous voices. Plus, a message that truly is as old as time: looking past our facades and loving the person inside."

Kieran Connors, Lefou

Kieran is so excited to have the opportunity to be in this production along side Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast!" This is Kieran's first role with Arcola's community theatre ministry, after doing many years of theatre at Briar Woods High School. Kieran is also excited to share the stage for the first time with his family of Stacy Connors (Les Filles), Chloe Connors (Wolf/Villager), and George Connors (Stage Manager)!

"To me, this show has been all about the fun experience with my family and the Arcola community. For us to all be apart of this together has been an amazing experience!"

Beauty and the Beast Cast

Beauty and the Beast Rehearsals and Orchestra 2024

  • Belle: Rachel Kotraba
  • Beast: Paul Hershey
  • Cogsworth: Cecil Porter
  • Gaston: Cale Prichett
  • Lefou: Kieran Connors
  • Lumiere: Chris DeMay
  • Maurice: Don Harris
  • Mrs. Potts: Carole Salgado
  • Babette: Peggy Carnes
  • Chip: Noelle Brinker
  • Madame de la Grande Bouche: Rachel Gray
  • Monsieur D’Arque: Tim O’Reilly
  • Narrator: Chris Durbin
  • Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress: Ceanna Leslie
  • Young Prince: Caleb O’Reilly
  • Baker: Darren McLaughlin
  • Bookseller: Tim O’Reilly
  • Candlemaker: Bella Urlich
  • Crony 1: Peyton Prichett
  • Crony 2: Chloe Connors
  • La Fille de la Ville 1: Stacy Connors
  • La Fille de la Ville 2: Joy McLaughlin
  • La Fille de la Ville 3: Laura Mathurin
  • Flower Seller: Emilyn Porter
  • Gargoyles: Wayne McConchie, Darren McLaughlin
  • Shepherd: Chloe Connors
  • Hat Seller: Julia Jacoby
  • Laundry Lady: Rebecca Simmons
  • Marie: Layla Pope
  • Milkmaid: Dani Austin
  • Sausage Curl Lady: Abby Kamon
  • Tavern Master: Wayne McConchie
  • Villager 1 (Mob Song): Rebecca Simmons
    Villager 2 (Mob Song): Layla Pope
    Villager 3 (Mob Song): Bella Urlich
  • Cronies/Villagers: Dani Austin, Tanvi Bommakanti, Jess Bohall, Chloe Connors, Katelyn Frese, Kathy Fry, Julia Jacoby, Katherine Jones, Sarah Jones, Abby Kamon, Julie Longmire, Wayne McConchie, Darren McLaughlin, Caleb O’Reilly, Layla Pope, Emilyn Porter, Peyton Pritchett, Kristina Pursley, Rebecca Simmons, Bella Urlich, Ella West
  • Enchanted Castle Staff: Dani Austin, Tanvi Bommakanti, Jess Bohall, Chloe Connors, Stacy Connors, Katelyn Frese, Kathy Fry, Julia Jacoby, Katherine Jones, Sarah Jones, Abby Kamon, Ceanna Leslie, Julie Longmire, Laura Mathurin, Joy McLaughlin, Layla Pope, Emilyn Porter, Peyton Prichett, Kristina Pursley, Rebecca Simmons, Bella Urlich, Ella West
  • Wolves: Dani Austin, Chloe Connors, Abby Kamon, Ceanna Leslie, Emilyn Porter, Peyton Prichett


  • Director: Tianna Durbin
  • Accompaniest (Rehearsal & Production): Phil Nichols
  • Flute: Abigail Onstott, Hailey Zhou
  • Trumpet: Hudson Barkman, Will Schellhammer
  • French Horn: Jodi Austin, Nora Schellhammer
  • Keyboard: Katie Schellhammer
  • Violin 1: Alexandra Knight
  • Violin 2: Margaret Jones
  • Violin 3: Abner Mondoloka
  • Cello: Arav Manne
  • Percussion: Jaanav Shah

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