Camel Lot Children and Youth Christmas Musical - 9am Worship Service

Our youth and children (K-10th Grade) are going on a journey to the manger - by camel! You're invited to sing and dance along with the cast as they take you to the Camel Lot on a very special night in Bethlehem. And remember, through it all, don't miss the manger!

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Camel Lot

~Scene 1~
Song: Camel Lot

~Scene 2~
Song: We’ve Got a Camel for You

~Scene 3~
Song: Good News
Soloists: Morgan Holleran & Chloe Connors
Ensemble: Chloe Connors, Morgan Holleran, Adrianna Kurtyka, Anna Pritchett & Peyton Pritchett

~Scene 4~
Song: No Silent Night
Soloists – Emilyn Porter & Brooke Holleran

~Scene 5~
Song: Follow the Star
Soloists – Peyton Pritchett & Abby Kamon

~Scene 6 & 7~
Song: Don’t Miss the Manger
Soloist – Lyla Meer

~Scene 8~
Song: Bethlehem Medley
Song: Joy to the World!

~Scene 9~
Curtain Call

Camel Lot Cast and Crew
Barnabas/Dad: Rae Creppon Wiseman 1: Makenzie Kofchak
Lydia: Chloe Connors Wiseman 2: Julia Jacoby
Beth: Abby Kamon Wiseman 3: Aryan Biswas
Brittany: Adriana Kurtyka Shopper Mom: Claire Mathurin
Jonathan: Sam Jacoby Shopper Daughter: Emilyn Porter
Martha: Morgan Holleran Lady Shopper: Sharon Nicole Prasad
Sarah: Hannah Chapin Cowgirl: Evie Chapin
Rich Man: Luke Meer
Mary: Hannah West
Rich Woman: Peyton Pritchett
Joseph: Jack Phillips
Deborah: Ella West
Ruth: Brooke Holleran
Jamie Sue: Anna Pritchett

Camels: Jon Holleran, Kyle Kurtyka, Greg Mathurin, Victor Meer, Cecil Porter, Cale Pritchett

Ensemble:  Addison Blaine, Campbell Caldrone, Katherin Choma, Ellie Fabian, Olivia Kearse, Stella Kearse, Gavin Kurtyka, Avery Link, Ananya Manne, Kevin Manne, Zoe Mathurin, Leah Meer, Lena Meer, Lily Phillips, Lily Kate Rosner, Stella Salter, Adelaide Sigsbury, Eloise Sigsbury, Olivia Vlasic, Samuel Wuthnow, Thomas Wuthnow

Minister of Worship & Arts: Tianna Durbin
Director: Deb Porter
Music Directors: Jenn Roberts & Rachel Gray
Choreography: Jennifer O’Reily
Audio Visual: Chris Durbin
Costumes: Rebecca Simmons
Production Assistant: Carole Salgado

Cast Features

Rae Creppon - Barnabas

My name is Rae Creppon; I play Barnabas, I’m 15 years old, and a current Freshman in High School. My favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend time with family who I may not see year round, and getting to give people presents! My favorite part of the show is definitely when Beth wakes up from the dream and is talking to her dad (Barnabas) about closing up the car lot, but she accidentally says camel lot - or the dancing!

Adriana Kurtyka - Brittany

My name is Adriana Kurtyka, I'm 11 years old and in 6th grade. My favorite part of Christmas is the entire Christmas season. It’s the decorations, the music, all the preparations and the spirit that you feel leading up to the day that I love. My favorite part of the show is a certain “surprise” during one of our songs… don’t want to spoil anything!

Sam Jacoby - Jonathan

My name is Sam Jacoby, I'm 9 years old, and in the 4th grade. My favorite part of Christmas is giving and receiving presents, and my favorite part of the show is my (Jonathan's) funny line at the end!

Event Coordinator Tianna Durbin

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