Wednesday Prayer Service

Join us on Wednesdays 11:30am-12pm in Pearson Chapel or facebook live for Arcola’s Midweek Worship.


May Series: The Way of Wisdom

May: The Way of Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs. This series is inspired by Proverbs chapter 1 in which, the purpose is to teach wisdom and discipline to help one understand wise sayings. Proverbs provide insightful instruction, which is righteous, just, and full of integrity. They make the naive mature, the young knowledgeable and discreet. The wise hear them and grow in wisdom; those with understanding gain guidance.  Join us for the final three worship services as midweek worship will conclude on Wednesday, May 18. This service will take a break for the summer months and begin again in October. We pray that you will continue your spirit of prayer for others and for the church during our time of rest. 

Contact: Tianna Durbin

Event Coordinator Tianna Durbin

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