Arcola United Methodist Church

Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Worship (Online Only)

Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Worship (Online Only)

Thursday, April 01, 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Coordinator: Tianna Durbin |

A livestream worship service to engage in a meaningful journey through Holy Week. This service will draw out a range of emotions and reflects the night that Jesus gathered for the last time with his disciples in an upper room for their last meal. Jesus washed the disciples' feet and instituted what we now know as the sacrament of Holy Communion. To prepare for this portion of the service, have communion ready to serve one another.  

A drastic change in scene brings us to the events of the crucifixion as we recall the story that ultimately leads to the death of Jesus. We will use music to transition us to the Good Friday portion of worship. This is a good time to darken the room, and set up 14 candles, plus a Christ candle. Light each candle at the beginning and we will extinguish one candle at a time as the readings are shared. We are left in silence and darkness that will loom upon us through Sunday morning. 

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