Arcola United Methodist Church

Women's Online Book Study

Every Monday from 01/21/2019 to 04/08/2019

Coordinator: Betsy Hudson |

Looking for a women’s small group but find it hard to get back to church mid-week? Join our new online women’s study Monday nights! We will discuss the same book as the Tuesday groups, Adam Hamilton’s "Making Sense of the Bible". There will be an online platform for face-to-face conversation, as well as an ongoing posting group, and opportunities to gather together in person. As the author, Adam Hamilton describes it, “This is a study for those who love the Bible and look to it to help them find meaning and purpose for their lives. It is also a study for people who are willing to wrestle with portions of the Bible about which they have questions. Finally, it is a study for people who are largely unfamiliar with the Bible but who are curious and want to know more.”

To order the book, click here.

Email Betsy Hudson or Karyn Walsh with questions!


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