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Summer in the Arts Evening Arts Camp for Adults and High Schoolers

Our camp for adults and high schoolers is for those who have always wanted to explore or grow artistic skills in art, singing, or learning to play an instrument. Choose up to 3 evening classes OR Choose Painting with Posies for the entire evening session. See the course descriptions below!

Course cost:

  • 1 Class: $50
  • 2 Classes: $85
  • 3 Classes: $100
  • Painting with Posies Class: $50 + supply fee (this class is 2 hours per evening and cannot be combined with other classes) 
Registration now closed! For questions, contact Tianna Durbin.

Beginning Guitar
A course designed to learn the basics of guitar playing including basic chords. Supplemental materials will be provided throughout the week of camp so that students can continue to work on guitar technique after camp week!

Intermediate Guitar
This course assumes that participants have some prior knowledge and experience on guitar and knows basic chord structures. Students will learn how to compose simple short songs and will also receive supplemental materials to continue building upon after camp week.

Beginning Bass Guitar
In this course you will learn the basics of playing the electric bass, to include fretting and plucking hand technique, an introduction to learning the notes on the bass fretboard, and how to break down common chords into chord tones that are used to create cool bass lines. You will be introduced to the Nashville numbering system and taught rhythmic development necessary – all the essential ingredients for a simple groove. The course objective is to have you play a simple bass line through chord progressions in a typical I IV V rock song. The student will leave with exercises to practice at home to continue to develop their bass skills.

Intermediate Bass Guitar
This course is for those intermediate bass players or those who may have “played” the electric bass without a lot of formal instruction and want to gain an understanding of music theory and fingerboard harmony in order to create interesting bass lines. We will give you the tools you need to improvise bass lines through common chord progressions, learn some best practices for accompanying drums as part of the rhythm section and send you home with a set of exercises and a recommended practice regimen.

Cello for Beginner Adults
Designed for adults with no prior experience on a stringed instrument, this class will provide an exploratory session on playing the cello. In addition, we will listen to and learn about some of the most beautiful works composed for cello. Instruments will be provided. "sponsored in part by Day violins"

Painting Plentiful Posies with Bev Sharrard
This art class is a full two hour class using acrylics, along with a variety of mixed media. No experience is needed. Along the way we will learn about color and color mixing, light and shadow and other bits of art fun. Please dress in casual clothes or bring an apron or smock. We will be learning to paint fun, simple, stylized flowers to create beautiful bouquets. Each class will build on the next so that by the end of the fourth class you will be creating your own designs. *Please note: There will be a small supply fee payable to the art instructor on the first class day!

Learn to Ring!
Handbell ringing is an art all its own! And, you are never too old to learn to ring. Handbells come in a variety of sizes and octaves and teamwork is essential. Each evening of camp, participants will learn the basics of ringing, and will learn to read basic music notes and rhythm patterns. By the end of the week, this handbell group will know a few short songs and will be much more confident in musical skills.

Everyone can Read Music!
This is a course that teaches note names on the staff, along with various rhythm patterns in fun and engaging ways. Often-times adults lack confidence specifically because they never learned to read music! This course teaches just that and gives the adult learner much more confidence and courage to join a community choir or ensemble--OR EVEN--to pick up a new instrument and learn it. By the end of this class, those who would like to continue learning will be given some resources to do so.

Calligraphy Class
Add some ‘creative flair’ to your writing by taking on the skill of calligraphy! This class will teach the basics of calligraphy including grip, types of strokes, and how to use various tools.

Beginning Piano Lab
Adult beginners will learn the basics of piano to include how the keyboard is arranged, basic hand position, and beginning note reading skills. Participants will also come away knowing how to play simple songs.

Intermediate Piano Lab
This class is for those who have at least one year of experience on piano. The course will focus on piano solo playing based on ability level using pop and rock music styles.

Beginning Quilting Class for Adults
Learn the basics of quilting in advance of the holidays! This course will teach you about tools, fabric, quilting terms, and of course, QUILTING! Beginning quilters will leave with two or three finished products. To participate in this course, participants will need to bring their own sewing machine and some basic supplies if you already have them. If you would like a suggested list of supplies, please contact Lori Ann Jones prior to the course. Otherwise, we will provide basic supplies to use during the course! Please choose only one other class along with the quilting class. 

Meet Your Instructors

Carrie Albers, Beginning/Intermediate Cello, Orchestra Adventures Camp Leadership

My name is Ms. Albers and I will teaching the orchestra adventures camp, beginners bootcamp, and yoga for musicians! I am the orchestra director and Broad Run High school and also teach private lessons. I have been a music teacher for twenty years and I love working with my students and watching them change into young musicians. Teaching at Arcola is one of my favorite summer activities because I enjoy meeting new students and friends from other schools. I’m very excited to debut the new orchestra classes and to bring some zen to us all with the new yoga elective.

Joe DeFranco, Beginner and Intermediate Bass Guitar

My name is Joe DeFranco and I have the pleasure of being retired from corporate life and focusing full time on playing and teaching music! This year at the Summer in the Arts I will be teaching bass – either electric or double bass – for anyone who wants to learn to play the bass or simply improve their skills. I love playing live music and sharing my joy of music with my students. Whether I am playing with a band on stage, at church or simply at an informal jam session with fellow musicians, playing music fills my soul and immediately replaces the cares of this world with pure joy and gratitude! Come learn to join in on the fun of laying down the boogie!

Scott Rosner, Beginning and Intermediate Guitar

My name is Scott Rosner, this year at Summer in the Arts I am teaching beginner and intermediate guitar. I love the arts because they have the ability to make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, make you look, and make you realize that we are all fundamentally the same and in this together. There’s nothing better than a great song, movie, painting, or dance to say the things that words just can’t say. Plus, everyone looks cooler with a guitar in their hands.

Bev Sharrard, Painting Plentiful Posies

I am a self taught artist and have been painting for over 30 years. Painting brings me joy and a way to express my creativity. I love to teach others and help them discover their hidden talents. If you have the desire to learn to try new things and create with multiple art mediums this class is for you. Learn ways to paint vibrant stylized flowers that will make you happy.

Event Coordinator Tianna Durbin

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