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Such is Life?

12.20.16 | Faith | Hope | by Stephen Annino

    Are we to believe 

    That such is life?
    The evil, the pain
    The struggle and strife?
    That our ears
    Are deaf
    To the sounding joy
    That once was beat
    By the drummer boy?

    That love and mercy
    Are not ours to share
    In endless supply
    Without a care?
    That life and pain
    Are conjoined twins,
    we cannot separate
    from all our sins?


    We should choose
    Not to think it so.
    For we cannot loose
    In tragedy
    the strength to know
    Life’s harmony.
    It’s measured rhyme
    And song divine,

    Even amidst cacophony.

    In HIS time we gain
    Life’s wondrous story.
    Its order and plan,
    and all its glory.
    A meaning to be
    We only later can see,
    From faith enduring,
    From courage abiding
    From love everlasting.

    Written by Stephen Annino -- a member of Arcola Church, a husband, a father and a grandfather.